Redditch Triathlon 07/04/2019

I’ve got some catching up to update the site I think – it seems to have been a while since our last update! After a morning doing a commission covering Solihull Half Marathon we covered our local Redditch Triathlon “Go Tri” Triathlon. As we scraped in after uploading the photos from our first shoot we didn’t have much planning time so Deb headed straight for the pool and I hit the bikes! Covering three events with two people is a challenge and we didn’t get every part of every event but I think we managed to get a good balance and flavour of the day!

Photos here

Bromsgrove Junior Parkrun 200th event

We were asked this week if we could shoot the 200th event of Bromsgrove Junior Parkrun. The weather forecast (heavy rain) was fortunately slightly wrong (light drizzle) which helped brighten up the smiles of the kids and the grownups who ran the 2km course at Bromsgrove Sanders park this morning.

Click here for the full photo album!

Parkrun is and always will be a free event run by fantastic volunteers each week but donations can be made through paypal and everything goes back in to the local parkrun to replace worn out kit and improve events. Please click on this link to see more details (click on the paypal button the the page)!

Ollie Sellers Memorial Game

We were honoured to be asked to cover a memorial football game today, organised to celebrate the life of Ollie Sellers who tragically was taken away last year in a road traffic accident. His family are campaigning for Redditch council to install safety barriers ( Click here for link ) on all dual carriageways and have also raised a lot of money for “Brake” the road safety charity ( Click here for link ).

It was a hot day but very well organised with a lot of fun events happening around the football game, it looks like a great time was had by all and while we didn’t know Ollie, we imagine it was a fitting tribute to his life and all the people whose life he touched.

Photo folder link (free downloads for personal use)

Isoman 2018!

We were lucky enough to be asked to cover this years Isoman 2018 event. This is an Ironman-style tri event but with all disciplines equalised into similar time/effort to make it the equivalent of three back to back marathons – brutal stuff on a roasting hot day! I have no idea where these guys get their grit from but maximum kudos to each and every one of them!

Millennium Way Ultra 18/03/2018

This wasn’t an intentional shoot but as I was running the Millennium Way Ultra, Deb took a camera and got some awesome shots in some horrendous -6 wind-chill after the return of the Beast from the East! We’ve put the photos onto Flickr and the facebook page anyway for the runners to enjoy (who did an incredible job in those conditions).

I had to pull out after 7 hours completing just over 31 miles as I was suffering from the cold and my legs had packed in but it was an amazing course – just up against the weather! I’ve decided to go back and do the course in reverse on the 28th April (the Millennium Way Back) where hopefully I’ll complete the full distance (Deb will be taking photographs again) 🙂

Link to Flickr Album 

Bumble Bimble Winter Edition 2017!

Had a great time today at the 2nd Bumble Bimble (winter edition), an amazing off-road trail 5 & 10 miler organised by a few running friends who do a lot of great work for charity. For this shoot it was just me & Mrs Berb was running the 10-miler but I managed to get both the 5 & 10 miler group a mile in and at the end with a bit of planning & a quick drive!

The lighting was challenging as my first position was into the sun (and it was a clear crisp day) so took as much of a side-view as I could. The finish shots were with direct sunlight behind me but with a very dark backdrop of hedge so had a few problems metering at first (over-exposing) but soon got it under control with some spot-metering!

As we’ve asked for a small charity donation for the high-res images, I’ve reduced & watermarked them on Flickr – Flickr link



We had a great evening down Morton Stanley park last night taking photos for a charity tag-team relay! The organiser (Kevin Parsons) did an amazing job with his first standalone event, with around 50 teams totalling 200 runners!  There was even a free ice-cream for everybody at the end!

Deb & I covered different positions on this one, I took the start/finish and Deb located at the bottom of a fast downhill to try and get some flying feet photos!

Links to Flickr Album1 (Deb) Album2 (Mark)