Bumble Bimble Winter Edition 2017!

Had a great time today at the 2nd Bumble Bimble (winter edition), an amazing off-road trail 5 & 10 miler organised by a few running friends who do a lot of great work for charity. For this shoot it was just me & Mrs Berb was running the 10-miler but I managed to get both the 5 & 10 miler group a mile in and at the end with a bit of planning & a quick drive!

The lighting was challenging as my first position was into the sun (and it was a clear crisp day) so took as much of a side-view as I could. The finish shots were with direct sunlight behind me but with a very dark backdrop of hedge so had a few problems metering at first (over-exposing) but soon got it under control with some spot-metering!

As we’ve asked for a small charity donation for the high-res images, I’ve reduced & watermarked them on Flickr – Flickr link


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