We had a great evening down Morton Stanley park last night taking photos for a charity tag-team relay! The organiser (Kevin Parsons) did an amazing job with his first standalone event, with around 50 teams totalling 200 runners!  There was even a free ice-cream for everybody at the end!

Deb & I covered different positions on this one, I took the start/finish and Deb located at the bottom of a fast downhill to try and get some flying feet photos!

Links to Flickr Album1 (Deb) Album2 (Mark)


Arrow Valley parkrun 258 – Kingfisher Harriers takeover!

We had another great morning at Arrow Valley parkrun today, with our running club (Kingfisher harriers) doing a “takeover” this week filling all available volunteer slots. I was Run Director for the day so couldn’t get distracted by any photography with Deb covering the offical photographer slot.

Deb took some great snaps, keeping close to the start/finish to try and get everybody in but also capture the general friendly family atmosphere we are lucky to have with all the running clubs when we converge at our weekly parkrun.

Technical notes on the shots, Deb opted for the 760d (which is more familiar to her than the 80d) with a fast shutter due some intense direct sunlight and a nice long f/4-5.6 55-250mm zoom to get some nice natural candid shots.

Click here for the full set of photos on Flickr!